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Zuzu and The Big Bad C

Zuzus battle with soft tissue sarcoma

Zuzu and The Big Bad C

Post-Op Day 5

June 19th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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Things have been going pretty good, even if they won’t let me in my house. I don’t get it…They always tell me I’m not allowed in any of the other doors, now suddenly we’re staying at someone else’s house. Are we moving? Is this home now? I mean, I guess it’s alright if it is, but our house was perfectly fine. Plus, I don’t have a cave here. I had 3 at home. Also, I have to share attention. Hello, I’m a princess, it’s supposed to be all about me!

I have been getting some yummy treats. Still getting peanut butter twice a day(yes, they’re still “tricking” me with medicine in it) and I’ve totally tricked mom into putting special stuff on my food in the morning. I just let it sit there for a while and pretend I don’t want it, then she gets a can from the fridge and pours brown water on it. It kinda smells like steak, I wonder what it is-whatever it is I like it! I do have to share peanut butter (and today salmon jerky!) with Sally. I know mom gives me more, but still….

Saturday(3 days post op) moms noticed some puffiness around my ankle so they took me back in. I was a little worried about going in there, considering what happened last time, but mom’s said they weren’t gonna do that again so in I went… They poked me a little, and felt around my leg like moms kept doing at home. Then they put something called a laser on it. I guess it’s supposed to help with the bruising and inflammation. I didn’t mind that, it didn’t hurt one bit and I was only away from mommies for a few minutes, then we left and came home.

comin’ home from the vets after laser treatment

My leg is feeling ok. Kinda hurts a little still-feels pretty stiff most the time, even though I can bend it now. It was way too weird/painful to bend at first so I just kept it straight for a few days. Moms keep going all crazy and getting happy every time I go to the bathroom-like I haven’t done this for my whole life or anything. Weirdos. They won’t let me run-or walk fast-or prance-or jump. Oh, and the couch? Well apparently that’s off limits here too…..geez, maybe it’s not alright if this is our new house. I don’t like that I’m not allowed to lay on my right side either. Moms say it’s making things ooze and we have to be careful, but it feels good to lay on it so I don’t get what the problem is. Plus, I heard the vet tech say it was ok when mom asked…

I’m ready to go frolic around the park and then go to my den(kennel) and go to sleep, but moms say it’ll be about 2 weeks before that’s gonna happen. How long is 2 weeks exactly?

my new toy grandma got for me

chillin in my shorts

standing guard


graphic pics below









post-op day 2


post-op day 4

post-op day 5

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  • benny55

    Oh Zuzu! I just adore you!!

    You’ve done an EXCELLENT job of explaining your “situation” and how your humans are handling things! Although I doubt that you agree, clearly they think that putting you in Boxer shorts is a good idea.:-) You do look quite dashing in them and you are soooo darn cute in them!!

    I know it’s hard to be patient and you want to go home, but you really are in a “hotel” that caters to your current needs. You have an OWWEE right now so you do have to take it easy.

    And kudos to your humans for going that extra mile to make sure they are doing EVERYTHING possible for your well-being! 🙂

    And trust me, you ARE a PRINCESS,avery BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!! 🙂

    And you have a very nice Grandma who got you that cute toy 🙂

    Now, as far as taking all thipose pills….hold out for ice cream! Yep, go on a “pill strike” until you get some ice cream!! And we want pictures!

    Lots of hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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