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Zuzu and The Big Bad C

Zuzus battle with soft tissue sarcoma

Zuzu and The Big Bad C

Post-Op Day 1

June 16th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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Last night was a little rough. We did not get much sleep.

Around 1am all the hospital meds started wearing off and I got really, really anxious. The way my leg felt was not normal so I started whining to let moms know how unhappy I was. Mommy Ashley was trying very very hard to keep me comforted-petting me when I wanted it, leaving me alone when I shooed her off, offering food, water and treats. Even gave me a new toy to play with. I even stole mommy’s sleeping spot, thinking maybe it was more comfy than on my pillow. None of it was enough so I started whining louder and louder. Mommy Noelle was sleeping on the couch and that wasn’t acceptable. She should be awake with us!

Finally, she woke up as I got really loud. She started giving me love-awesome, exactly what I was after. I calmed down some as long as mommy Noelle kept petting me. Mommy Ashley decided that she would try and get a little bit of sleep since other mommy was awake now. Haha, I didn’t agree. I would whine and get up just enough to keep her on edge and from falling asleep-goal accomplished! If I wasn’t comfortable and couldn’t sleep, well I didn’t think they should either! It’s only fair since they let this happen, right?

I finally went out to pee around 3:30am(I did pee at the vets after surgery too) I still wasn’t ready to really put weight on my leg, so I just held it up and pretended I was a tripawd. It was a little difficult at first, but then I got the hang of it and was doing pretty well, but I tripped over a weed and came close to falling in the dirt on my incision. I’m glad mommy A was there to catch me before I fell all the way over, I’m pretty sure that would have really hurt!

The next few hours were a bit of a blur to everyone since we all needed sleep. I went and peed again, this time putting a little bit of weight on my leg. Ate my breakfast and got some yummy peanut butter. Oh-lets talk about the peanut butter. I know its not just peanut butter. I saw you put that pill in it, I can smell it through the peanut butter and you’re really not tricking anyone, just to be clear. I just like the peanut butter and the meds don’t make it taste too weird so I gobble it down.

Most of the day was pretty uneventful. Mommy A had some doc appts so it was just me and mommy N for a while. I was being so good at not licking (they took the cone off since they were watching me like a hawk) that mommy thought she could trust me for a minute to run to the bathroom. Ha! Was she wrong! She came back and I got yelled at cuz I was licking my stitches. I don’t know what the big deal is, I was just cleaning it up, but then mommy put the cone back on and told me I had to wear it so I wouldn’t lick. When mommy A got home they decided to switch to the boxer shorts-its a two mommy job to get those on me. I’m so glad no one got a picture of me in those shorts, I know everyone would make fun of me. Dogs don’t wear shorts, humans! I don’t know who came up with this idea of clothes for dogs but really-we have built in clothing, its called fur people!

As the day went on I was putting more and more weight on my leg and doing a lot better, even though mommies wouldn’t let me do much walking around. Every time I went out to pee I would try to go over to the stairs to go home, but they won’t let me do the stairs. They said we have to stay here til my stitches come out in 14 days. Yeah, I guess that’s ok. I like it here with Amy and Sally.

Next question-why is everyone staring at me when I pee and poo? Never have I seen my mommies be so excited for me to poop. Squatting is still really hard, cuz bending my knee hurts still. Usually I like the get really close to the ground so nothing splashes me. Not the case right now-I don’t like it, so I’m not going very often, but if I really have to go, I will.

Everything is going pretty smoothly. I’m eating, drinking, peeing, pooping and even doing a little bit of playing.

I stole mommy’s spot!

laying on mommy’s arm

ahhh, good scratches!

sleepy time cuddles

look how they shaved my leg!

Suture Pics below







got some good bruising going on

no new seepage or bleeding, even after my impromptu cleaning session


Ashley here:

There’s a very tiny bit of swelling, but it hasn’t increased at all since being picked up and we’re keeping a close eye on it and taking pictures daily for comparison. The incision looks and feels pretty good. There’s only one spot that she has a reaction to when checking-it’s an area that’s really bruised but isn’t swollen or warm to the touch. There are two spots(where the swelling is) that are very slightly warmer than the rest of the area. Its almost indecipherable upon touch and has been that way since we brought her home. (I felt the incision as soon as we got her inside so I would have a point of reference-not feeling directly on top of the incision, but rather use the back of my finger to gently feel next to the incision for warmth and swelling).

She’s really doing great. She is resting a little more than usual and still hesitant to put full weight on the leg(this gets better throughout the day-thinking she’s getting sore and stiff from so little activity), but even this has improved dramatically since coming home.


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  • jerry

    Zuzu you have quite the battle scar! But it suits you well because you are ONE TOUGH GIRL!

    Thanks for letting us know things are going well. It’s not easy walking around with an incision over your knee like that (I’ve had to do it myself and it sucked!), but you’re treating it like the champ that you are.

    Take it easy and let your people spoil you rotten. You deserve it!

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